0day/1day Vulnerability Identification and Analysis

We specialize in:

Vulnerability Analysis
Exploit Development

Penetration Testing

F13 Laboratory provides a strategic assessment to evaluate the overall level of security. This is to ensure the "best practice" controls is implemented to mitigate the known security risk through direct probing and performing controlled network scanning activities, including discovery and vulnerability assessment. Penetration testing can be performed via externally and/or internally.

External Penetration Testing

The external penetration test can be performed in either a non or full disclosure environment. In general, the test focuses on:

  • Server/Web Server penetration testing
  • Router penetration testing
  • Firewall penetration testing
  • Internal Penetration Testing

    Typically, internal penetration test is same as external penetration test. The different is internal penetration test only perform internally while external penetration test performs externally. Basically, the task simulates an insider attack that could accomplish to ensure internal users' privileges cannot be misused.

    Web Application Penetration Testing

    The objective of web application penetration testing is to determine the level of security at application layer. It simulates most attacks by evaluating and analysis the targeted application for any vulnerabilities, weaknesses and technical flaws. Any security issues that are found together with the proposed technical solution or mitigation plan will be informed and reported to system owner.

    Security Training

    F13 Laboratory provides fuzzing and related exploitation training.